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Synopsis for "New World Orders, Part 2"

The Discordians continue their attack on American footholds across the globe, but Washington D.C. takes the brunt of their assault. Captain America and an army of S.H.I.E.L.D. commandoes defend the city. However, Reed Braxton uses his public broadcasting to criticize Cap's efforts.

During the chaos, Cap saves a woman from a flying piece of debris. Ungrateful, the woman sprays him with pepper spray, while some nearby citizens villify Cap. Not wanting to hurt the civillians, Cap leaves the scene.

Meanwhile, Falcon, Sharon and Dugan have been raiding radio stations to find Braxton. Falcon wants to help Cap, but Cap tells him to stay on his mission, as other Avengers have been dispatched to defeat the Discordians. Sharon and Dugan enter the recording studio and find several Reed Braxtons broadcasting all at once.

Suddenly, the broadcasting signal changes and the Braxtons report that the show's producers are being held hostage, using the situation to gain sympathy to the public. Sharon finds out that the signal is being broadcast from one of the Braxtons' eye and punches the Braxton out, cuttng out the signal. Dugan then rips Braxton's head out, revealing the Braxtons to be robots.

As security staff attacks them, Sharon and Dugan get to the roof. Sharon puts on a jetpack and they escape in the air.

Unfortunately, an angry mob, motivated by Braxton's broadcast, begin attacking Cap.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• Discordian cells attack American interests all over the world! • Shock journalist Reed Braxton is turning the public against the Sentinel of Liberty. • But if Reed Braxton is dead, who the heck is that on LIVE television?

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