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Synopsis for "New World Orders (Part 3)"

One of the Reed Braxton robots continue its broadcast, convincing citizens to rise up against the government.

Meanwhile, Captain America tries to defend himself from an angry mob while trying to avoid causing serious injuries. Fortunately, an helicopter comes to extract him and Cap manages to escape.

Several riots happen across America while the military and law enforcement agencies try to stop them.

At the helicarrier, Cap gets his injuries treated while Falcon briefs him on the situation. Cap is unsure whether they can stop this, but Falcon replies that these people have been influenced to stand up for their beliefs in a wrong way. He inspires Cap not to let his enemies break his spirit.

Falcon, Sharon and Dugan show Cap the disembodied head of a Braxton robot. They believe that Braxton's broadcasts are transmitting in a frecuency similar to that of a Madbomb. In that way, the Discordians can recruit soldiers from the civillians. They managed to track down the signal to a satellite in low Earth orbit.

As the Discordians continue their attacks, the Avengers address the emergency.

Cap is outfitted with a signal scrambler that renders him immune to Braxton's transmission. As he is preparing for his next mission, Diamondback tries to kiss him, but he gently declines.

Sharon and Dugan lead a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to infiltrate the satellite. As they arrive, they split up into the teams to find the signal emitter and jam it.

Meanwhile, Cap prepares to infiltrate Hydra Island, but his helicopter is attacked by Discordians.

At the satellite, Sharon's team is attacked by enemy forces. Then, Sharon encounters Baron Zemo. Dugan believes that jamming the signal will not improve the situation now.

On Earth, Falcon and Diamondback try to supress the riots, when suddenly, a giant Hydra robot falls into the streets. The signal just went mobile.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• Riots in the streets! Martial law! And Captain America targeted for death by the very people he is sworn to protect! • Society begins to crumble as the Discordian assault continues and the Omega-Madbombs are unleashed. • Sharon Carter faces Baron Zemo. Alone. In space.

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