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Quote1.png Was he right about Rogers, his weak point really his patriotism? Quote2.png
Baron Zemo

Appearing in "American Dreamers (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "American Dreamers (Part 5)"

Sharon pleads Queen Hydra not to shoot Jimmy. Fury arrives and points his gun at Queen Hydra, who tells them to stand down. Sharon tells Fury to lower his gun and attacks Queen Hydra, saying that they need her alive. Queen Hydra fires at Sharon, who dodges the bullets. However, one of the bullets hits Jimmy, causing the Land of Nowhere to break down.

As the Land of Nowhere falls down around them, Captain America and Codename Bravo resume their fight. As Cap and Bravo fight across the city, Bravo shoots Cap with a special laser, which causes Cap to transform into his frail self, apparently deactivating the Super-Soldier serum. Bravo believes Cap is helpless, but Cap continues fighting.

In the real world, Sharon, Fury and Falcon fight Queen Hydra and her thugs. Queen Hydra escapes, but Sharon tells Falcon not to chase her. She then gets to Jimmy, begging him to save Cap. Suddenly, a portal opens aside them, returning Cap (in his strong self) and Bravo to the real world. Sharon thanks Jimmy, who then dies peacefully.

Cap, Sharon and Falcon defeat Bravo and Fury arrests him. Cap and Sharon are reunited and while Fury takes Bravo away, Bravo angrily tells Cap that America has lost his way and that he has failed.

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents come to arrest the HYDRA soldiers, and Fury tells Cap that there is no sign of Queen Hydra, but he believes they will see her again.

Meanwhile, Queen Hydra tells her amassed forces that HYDRA will rise to victory. Then, she meets up with her ally, Baron Zemo, who tells her that her husband might be sent to the Raft. Queen Hydra says that Bravo will be fine and that he served his purpose. Zemo believes that maybe Bravo was right, that Steve Rogers’ weakness is his patriotism.

Later, Steve has a nightmare in which he turns into his skinny self in front of a horrified Sharon. Startled, Sharon asks Steve if he is okay, and tells Steve says he only had a bad dream. As Sharon goes back to sleep, Steve looks at his shield, thinking that he sometimes forget his a man out of time and tonight, he wonders what else did he forget.

Solicit Synopsis

The grand finale of "AMERICAN DREAMERS" is here - Cap faces down an old friend, now a new enemy, but which of them is right in their view of modern America? Only Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven know the answer!

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