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Synopsis for "Powerless (Part 1)"

In Hydra Flying Island, Baron Zemo and Queen Hydra talk about their new plans. Zemo asks Queen Hydra about the negotiations with Madame Hydra and the Gorgon, and Queen Hydra replies that they have a different agenda, so she absorbed most of her ranks. Queen Hydra asks Zemo about his new mission and he replies that in another week, he'll be finished, as long Captain America does not get in his way. Queen Hydra tells him not to worry about Captain America, saying that he will have his hands full with their new lackeys.

Meanwhile, Captain America is fighting Batroc, who gains the upper hand. Suddenly, Batroc creates copies of himself and attacks Cap, who then turns into his skinny self. It all turns out to be nightmare Steve was having. Sharon is worried, saying that ever since he defeated Codename Bravo, he has been having bad dreams. She advises him to get help, and he agrees.

Later, Iron Man and Hawkeye check on Cap using a special machine. When Iron Man asks Cap about the Super-Soldier serum's deactivation, Cap tells him about the time he fought Machinesmith in Madripoor. He says that he reverse the procedure, or so he thought. Iron Man tells him that he will cross-reference his results with Beast's notes from that mission and he will have the results by tomorrow.

As Cap and Hawkeye leave, Hawkeye tells him that everything Cap's going through is in his mind and he needs to clear his head. To do that, he suggests chasing after bad guys.

Later, Cap and Hawkeye take down a band of bank robbers, then, they go to track down the Tinkerer. Suddenly, Cap and Hawkeye recieve news from Sharon that a riot broke out forty minutes ago. Cap and Hawkeye go to the place the riot is happening and manage to save some cops from the mob. Cap believes the riot was not spontaneuos and something compelled the people to act. He asks Sharon where did the riot start, and Sharon replies that the riot started three blocks north from their current position.

Cap and Hawkeye arrive at the riot's starting place and find that the riot was caused by a Madbomb. Suddenly, Cap turns into his skinny self and Hawkeye is blasted unconscious. The Serpent Squad, the ones responsible for the Madbomb, appear and destroy the Madbomb. Although Cap tries to stop them, the Serpent Squad attacks him.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

-Hydra rises from the ashes!

-What secret has Cap been keeping throughout Fear Itself?

-Alan Davis joins the all-star creative team!


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade Captain America by Ed Brubaker Vol. 2.

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