Quote1.png Look, I know this last year was hard, and we lost a lot...but you aren't doing this to yourself, Steve...and we're going to figure it out. We're the frigging Avengers, after all. Quote2.png
-- Sharon Carter

Appearing in "Powerless (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Powerless (Part 2)"

In the Riot, Piledriver tells Codename Bravo the news about the riot last night. He says that Cap was defeated by the Serpent Squad. Piledriver tells Bravo that he should be happy, and Bravo says that those are the best news he had in weeks so he hopes that Piledriver does not take it personally. Then, Bravo attacks Piledriver and knocks him out. The guards stop them and send Piledriver to thirty days in solitary confinement, to which Bravo smiles.

In the Avengers Mansion, Beast checks on Captain America while Sharon and Hawkeye watch. Beast says that he will compare his notes with Iron Man, but he also says that Cap's bloodwork is okay. As Beast leaves, Cap tells Sharon and Hawkeye about the Madbomb. Sharon says that Cap and Falcon destroyed the Madbombs years ago, and Cap believes he did as well, but apparently someone must have found the plans and modified them, as the one he saw last night was a new design. He also believes that the Serpent Squad is working for someone who built the Madbomb. He tells Sharon and Hawkeye that they must find out who build the Madbombs, otherwise there might be a second riot last night.

Later, Hawkeye and Falcon are looking for the Serpent Squad while Cap is in the training room while Beast runs tests on him. Cap does not like to be sidelined, but Sharon and Beast believe that he could revert at any time. Afterwards, Cap and Sharon talk about his power loss. Cap says that his power loss is not something scientific or magical; apparently, something in his mind is causing the Super-Soldier serum to shut down. Cap feels like he is losing his faith and his strength. Sharon comforts him, saying that they will find a way to solve this together as Avengers. Suddenly, Cap and Sharon recieve news from Falcon that a second riot has started in broad daylight. Cap and Sharon go to help Falcon.

In the riot, Falcon saves a cop from being attacked by the people. The mad citizens briefly pin Falcon down, but he manages to escape. Cap and Sharon arrive at the riot using a Flying Car. Cap tells Sharon that since the Serpent Squad are guns for hire, they must be using the riots to get money.

The Serpent Squad attacks a bank and holds everyone hostage. King Cobra captures the bank manager and threatens to activate the Madbomb but Cap uses his shield to throw the Madbomb out King Cobra's hands. The Serpent Squad attacks, and Cap and Sharon prepare for the fight.

Solicit Synopsis

- Cap struggles to find his faith while the new Hydra makes their first deadly moves. - Best-selling Cap writer Ed Brubaker and superstar artist Alan Davis bring you action-packed espionage in the Mighty Marvel Manner!


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