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Synopsis for "Powerless (Part 3)"

Captain America and Sharon continue their fight against the Serpent Squad. Cap briefly distracts them, allowing Sharon to evacuate the hostages. Sharon runs out of ammo, but manages to spray Eel with a fire extinguisher. After a short fight, Cap and Sharon defeat the Serpent Squad. Cap tells Sharon to secure the Madbomb and request a pickup for the Serpent Squad while he goes to stop the riot.

Standing on a truck, Cap begs the rioters to stop but he reverts to a pre-super soldier form in front of the mob. The mad citizens attack Cap, believing him to be an impostor, but Falcon rescues him. Falcon says that the mob could have torn him apart and Cap replies that he would not have been able to stop them.

Later, Queen Hydra watches the news about the riot alongside Mr. Fitzgerald, a bank manager. The news reveals that Nationfirst Bank, the bank attacked by the Serpent Squad, harbored a series of fradulent stock trades Nationfirst was trying to cover up. The state's attorney has frozen the bank's assets, pending further investigation.

Mr. Fitzgerald, a rival of Nationfirst, hopes to merge his interests with those of Queen Hydra, who, upon hearing the news, decides she wants to meet Fitzgerald's friend.

At S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, Sharon receives news from Falcon that he has taken the still-powerless Cap to Iron Man, so that he can run tests and try to pin-point what has caused the transformation. Sharon goes to a secluded cell, which contains King Cobra. Sharon begins attacking Cobra and demands to know what his team did to Cap. Cobra replies that the Serpent Squad was fooled, too, and were told they were only to be a distraction.

Meanwhile, the Raft is attacked by HYDRA soldiers while Baron Zemo breaks Codename: Bravo out of confinement. As Bravo and Zemo escape in a ship, the HYDRA soldiers are defeated by the Raft's security guards.

Back at the S.H.I.E.L.D. quincarrier, Sharon grabs the tape that contains Machinesmith's consciousness and orders the quincarrier's computer to deactivate all communication networks. She also orders the computer to activate the self-destruct system if she doesn't revoke the order by 0800 hours. She connects the tape to the computer, awakening Machinesmith.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Part 3 of "POWERLESS"
  • Madbomb riots in Manhattan! The Serpent Squad!
  • Steve Rogers losing faith in himself!


  • This issue includes two full-page memorials to Captain America co-creator Joe Simon who passed away on December 14, 2011. The 2nd memory page is written by long time Marvel editor Tom Brevoort.

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