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Synopsis for "Powerless (Part 4)"

Tony Stark examines Steve, who is still in his scrawny shape. Then, Falcon comes in and Steve asks him about the attack on the Raft. Using a computer, Falcon replies that the only prisoner that escaped is Codename: Bravo.

Steve wishes he could be helping, but Tony replies that he is of no use in his condition. Falcon also says that the Madbombs are their current priority. When Steve says that Sharon can help Falcon in the search, Falcon replies that they can't communicate with her.

In the Quincarrier, Sharon is attacked by Machinesmith, who has taken over the Quincarrier's computer and equipment. Machinesmith states her death will destroy Steve and he will take pleasure on kicking him while he is down.

Meanwhile at Ryker's Island, Falcon interrogates Viper, who asks to be put in Witness Protection, as he does not like being in the Serpent Squad. Falcon agrees, but not before Viper tells him who have been supplying the Serpent Squad with Madbombs. Viper replies that he knows where they have been picking up the Madbombs, and the suppliers are not to be taken lightly.

In the Quincarrier, Sharon fights Machinesmith-possessed robots. She reaches the armory and grabs a rifle just as Machinesmith possesses another robot. When Sharon aims the gun at the robot, the gun blows up. Ignoring her, Machinesmith prepares to leave, but Sharon tells him that the self-destruct system set the ship in total lockdown. Machinesmith doesn't care, until Sharon reminds him what happens before the self-destruction, leaving Machinesmith surprised.

At the Avengers Mansion, Steve works out at the gym while hearing news reports about the riots. Tony comes in, and the two begin talking about Steve's loss of faith. Tony tells Steve that no matter what has happened, Steve hasn't lost his faith, otherwise he wouldn't be so angry.

In the Quincarrier, Machinesmith angrily realizes that Sharon has placed an EMP charge and locked the ship's controls. Machinesmith then tries to blast a hole through the ship's hole, but Sharon replies that that will cause the EMP to set off early. They are both trapped in the ship, so unless he tells her how to reverse Steve's condition, they will die. Accepting Sharon's reason, Machinesmith tells her that, if she lets him go free, he will tell her how to cure Steve.

Meanwhile, Falcon arrives to a warehouse that, according to Viper, has been the place where the Serpent Squad has been recieving the Madbombs. As Falcon enters to enter the warehouse, a sonic alarm incapacitates him. Suddenly, Bravo and two HYDRA soldiers pin him down. Bravo then tosses a Madbomb at Falcon, and the Madbomb detonates.

At the Avengers Mansion, Tony finishes Steve's tests when Sharon suddenly comes in. Steve asks her what happened, and Sharon replies she is alright and she has found the way to fix him.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

Sharon Carter Takes Charge! Cap’s Mystery Deepens As Codename: Bravo Returns! And Machinesmith Is On The Loose!


  • In this issue, the "new" Viper is shown un-masked. Previously, his face has not been shown. This Vipers identity is still unknown.

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