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Dr. Mindbubble

Appearing in "Loose Nuke: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Loose Nuke: Part 5"

Thousands of Westerners are kept slave in a canyon near the Great Wall of China. One prisoner, Alexander Tarin, attempts to escape but the Iron Nail easily catches up and shoots a hole through his hand. The Iron Nail denounces Tarin as the CEO of a bank that almost destroyed the world economy. When Tarin begs for death, the Iron Nail refuses; instead, Tarin will work on the mines until he is too old to work, but he if dies, his family will take his place at the mines.

Meanwhile, a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter takes Captain America and Nuke back to base. Nuke attempts to justify his actions, believing himself to be a soldier following orders; but Captain America replies the war is over and it is time for home to return home. One of the people at the chopper is Agent Lamia, the daughter of a soldier Nuke saved when he was served in the Army. Captain America and Nick Fury offer rehabilitation to Nuke if he tells them everything he knows about the person who manipulated him.

The next day, Falcon brings Captain America back to his apartment at Brooklyn. Steve reflects on the fact that he could have killed Nuke if Falcon hadn't stopped him and Falcon tells Steve to get some rest, for he has been through a lot.

The interrogation on Nuke begins and Agent Lamia speaks to Nuke about her father. In that moment, the Iron Nail activates a bomb hidden inside Nuke, destroying a large part the base. The Iron Nail orders the deployment of his dragon. Suddenly, out of the destroyed complex surfaces a new foe: Horace Littleton, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist who created the Weapon Minus counterprogram to oppose Weapon Plus. S.H.I.E.L.D. arrested Horace and declared him mentally ill. Now, Horace is known as Dr. Mindbubble, the psychedelic super-soldier.

Solicit Synopsis


• The final fate of Nuke!

• Dr. Mindbubble revealed!

• The Iron Nail’s war on the Capitalist West begins!

• Captain America unraveled!

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