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Quote1.png If you are not strong enough to defeat life... Life will defeat you. Quote2.png
Jet Black

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Synopsis for "New Friends"

Alone and confused, Jet Black leaps across the rooftops of a downtrodden neighborhood. She is still on her way of finding her place in the world. She does not understand the virtue of kindness and how can people be kind even they experience misery. Jet even thinks that perhaps she should have allowed her father spread her consciousness across Earth, bringing the world under his control. Moments later, she watches two thugs kicking a defenseless man, "Clammy" Williams, in front of his own home. She tells the thugs to leave, and the defenseless Williams asks why did she not defend him. Jet coldly replies his safety is not his responsibility.

Making her way to another rooftop, Jet comes across a lonely man who recognizes her as Arnim Zola's daughter and invites her to a luxurious restaurant to have dinner with him. Apparently, Zola had made friends who would wait for Zola's child on Earth. The man introduces himself as Tsar Sultan, revealing he lived in Genosha alongside his parents. Sultan felt contempt towards the mutants, so he left to study abroad. He was not there when the Sentinels destroyed Genosha and killed his family. Sultan notes his father believed in kindness for all, but kindness did not save his life.

Bored by his story, Jet demands Sultan to take her to his boss and Sultan complies. He takes her to a building, where she finds the Red Skull with an enslaved Captain America on a leash. The Red Skull says he saw a kindred spirit in Jet's father and now, he is offering her a place in his side, something his father would have wanted. Suddenly, Zola appears behind Jet and urges her to accept her destiny in the new world they will all create together. Frightened, Jet leaves the building.

In all of sudden, Jet finds herself back in the alley she found Williams at. It was all an illusion. Williams is a telepath and he had presented her a choice and she almost made the wrong one. Williams returns home, leaving Jet alone in the cold, snowy alley.

Solicit Synopsis


Captain America, the super soldier patriot of World War II…is away! Left in his place is the daughter of criminal Mastermind Arnim Zola—Jet Black! As beautiful as she is powerful, Jet Black must learn the laws of mortal men in New York City. But when a group of Nazi soldiers known as “The S Men,” lure Black into evil—will she follow in the footsteps of her nefarious father?


The S-Men last appeared in Uncanny Avengers #4

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