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Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Appearing in "Castaway in Dimension Z, Chapter II: One Year Later"

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Synopsis for "Castaway in Dimension Z, Chapter II: One Year Later"

Captain America and his young ward "Ian" are trapped in a desert like environment in Dimension Z. Cap cannot find his bearings or direction due to the chaotic nature of the stars and other phenomenon. Although things are dire, Steve has a flashback to his childhood in 1926 and is reminded of his alcoholic father who lost hope. Steve Rogers resolves not to lose hope for he and Ian.

Steve is suddenly attacked by two of Arnim Zola's mutates. Steve knocks one out with is shield, but the other is about to kill him when he is suddenly bitten in half by "the Thing Beneath the Sand" a giant flesh devouring monster. The monster buries himself under the sand after his kill. However Steve and the other mutate are captured by other mysterious armored human like creatures. Ian, Steve and the Mutate are taken to the leader of these humanoids. This leader now wields Captain America's mighty shield. When the Mutate proudly states that he works for Zola, the leader of these human like creatures decapitates him with Captain America's Shield. The leader then puts Ian in a position to decapitate him as well. Steve begins pleading that neither he nor Ian are allied with Zola. The story ends with a mighty clanging sound effect taking place. TO BE CONTINUED...

Solicit Synopsis

• “Remember their faces, their families. Remember what they love. Learn how to turn it against them. “

• Arnim Zola’s ambitions leave Captain America stranded in the upside-down territory known as Dimension Z.

• Steve has saved the life of Zola’s son, but can he keep him alive?

• Who are the barbarians of Phrox and what are their intentions for Steve and his new ward?


  • This issue also features a letters page, Letters to a Living Legend. The only letter published is from Yosenia Catalano who writes about Jacob Collins. Jacob is an 8 year old with a "rare cancerous tumor" and a "huge Captain America fan". Responses are given from Assistant Editor Jake Thomas.
  • Steve Rogers is reported as being born in 1922. If he is selling papers on the streets on New York and being beat up by bullies at age 4 (As seen in this story, 1926), that is an extremely young age for a frail young child and for these events to occur.
  • In this issue, Captain America cooks food from an open fire in his shield. However, it has been noted that the unique properties of the shield does not allow the conduction of heat. Perhaps this phenomenon can be explained later or perhaps the shield's properties have changed in Dimension Z.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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