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Appearing in "The Tomorrow Soldier: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Tomorrow Soldier: Part 3"

Zola continues his assault on New York while speaking to Red Skull about his newest plan. Jet reaches the control room, encountering her father after a long time. She expresses her intention to stop Zola from subjugating Earth, but Zola retorts that Jet will always save her, whether she knows or not. Falcon arrives at the control room and the three tumble off the tower and into the streets below.

Recovering from the fall, Falcon informs Steve that Sharon is alive and currently at the tower. But Zola attacks Falcon and Jet, threating to kill her if she does not come with him. In turn, Steve informs Ian of Sharon's survival. Ian calls Sharon his mom, as she raised after Steve escaped Dimension Z. He makes his way to the tower, intending to rescue Sharon. After Ian saves Sharon from a group of mutates, they hack into Zola's computers and discover his endgame: the mutate army is only a distraction for a bomb that will destroy the entire city.

Ian and Sharon inform Steve about the bomb, and in turn, Steve tells Falcon to destroy Zola's telepathic antennae, which he uses to control his machinery. This strategy fails, however, as the bomb is designed to detonate after losing contact with Zola. There is not enough time to evacuate the city. With Iron Man under attack, Falcon carries the bomb into the sky. Falcon asks Steve to lead a happy life with Sharon and Ian, but the bomb detonates a few seconds later.

Solicit Synopsis

The Tomorrow Soldier Part 3! The MARCH to AXIS continues!

• Zola unleashes the hyper-mutates on New York!

• Jet Black and Falcon vs Zola to the death!

• The Red Skull’s long game revealed, as the road to AXIS begins here!

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