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Steven Rogers (Earth-616)

Appearing in "Castaway in Dimension Z: Chapter V"

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Synopsis for "Castaway in Dimension Z: Chapter V"

As Steve and Ian return to the Phrox's hideout, Steve is still struggling to keep Zola from controlling his mind. Unfortunately, Zola's forces have located the Phrox's hideout and a battle has ensued. Zola and Jet Black watch the battle from afar. Hoping to lure Steve into the trap, Zola unleashes his newest creations, the Captains of Zoolandia.

Steve and Ian enter the fray. Steve is impressed by Ian's valor and is also aware that Ian sees as the Phrox as family just as he sees Steve as a father. Knowing that Ian would rather die fighting for them than leaving them to their fate, Steve promises not to fail him. Then, the Captains of Zoolandia attack them.

Jet Black also enters the battle, leaving her staff behind, as she wants to kill Steve with her bare hands. Believing that he killed her brother, Jet Black brutally attacks Steve, but just as she is about to deliver a killing strike, Ian incapacitates her. Realizing that Jet Black has been twisted by Zola's lies, Steve leaves her under Ian's watch while he returns to the fight.

Jet Black informs her father that Ian still alive. Realizing that Steve took Ian with him instead of killing him, Zola orders the Captains of Zoolandia to pull back and attacks Steve by himself. Then, he orders Jet Black to kill him, but Jet Black, confused that Steve showed her mercy, refuses. Instead, Zola blasts Steve off a cliff, much to Ian's horror. As he takes Ian and Jet Black back to his base, Zola orders the Captains of Zoolandia to destroy the rest of Phrox clan. Ian proclaims that Steve is his father, but Zola replies that he will learn to be his son.

Steve wakes up, albeit very injured. Zola's voice taunts him about his failure to protect Ian, telling that he should give up. Remembering what happened to his father, Steve refuses to give up and proclaims that he will always help those in need. He then grabs a blade and stabs himself in the chest, destroying Zola's implant. Steve then grabs his shield and promises to get his son back.

Solicit Synopsis

THE ODD WAR OF DIMENSION Z BEGINS! • Zola’s terrible experiments on the indigenous creatures give birth to a terrible new foe! No flesh escapes The Patchwork! • Captain America vs Jet Black, with the fate of Ian in the balance. • A young Steve Rogers must help his family to survive their worst year of the Great Depression, but how far will he go?

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