Quote1.png For a while, I was a police officer myself. And so it was natural that I felt a certain way about a cop killer on the loose. But this wasn't my mandate. This wasn't how I'd get back the shield. I should have been chasing down the Watchdogs and Power Enterprises. But Larimore was dead. And the old officer in me got to talking. So I decided to walk my own path... not knowing that path would bring me full circle. Quote2.png
-- Steve Rogers

Appearing in "The Legend of Steve: Part III"

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Synopsis for "The Legend of Steve: Part III"

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Steve Rogers’ mission to clear his reputation and to re-establish the good name of Captain America continues, as he and Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, tackle a familiar old foe who is contaminating the water supply of a large rust-belt city!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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