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'''Featured Characters:'''
'''Featured Characters:'''
* {{a|[[Steven Rogers (Earth-616)|Captain America]]}}
* {{a|[[Steven Rogers (Earth-616)|Captain America]]}}
* {{a|[[Natasha Romanoff (Earth-616)|Black Widow]]}}
* {{a|[[Natalia Romanova (Earth-616)|Black Widow]]}}
'''Supporting Characters:'''
'''Supporting Characters:'''
* <br/>
* <br/>

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Quote1 I've seen others suffering in hellholes not to different from this. I won't stand idly by and let it happen to anyone else. Quote2
-- Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Appearing in "Raging Reptiles"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Eel (alternate version)
  • Madcap (alternate version)
  • Porcupine (alternate version)
  • Spider-Woman (alternate version)
  • Ulik (alternate version)
  • Black Widow (alternate version)

Other Characters:

  • Lizard-Ock (Curt Connors, alternate version)


  • Vennema Multiversal (an alternate dimension)



Synopsis for "Raging Reptiles"

Captain America and Black Widow are surrounded by a monstrous-looking band of locals from a wasteland dimension. The leader of the pack is their dimension's The Lizard (aka: Lizard-Ock). He states his case as to why he is not their foe, and Cap promises him he will return to the dimension and help The Lizard's people escape Kashmir Vennema's tyrannies.

After finally fixing their teleporting device, Cap and the Black Widow jump through various realities in order to make it back home, while being chased by a super-powered kill squad. When it seems that the two have been captured by the squad, they're rescued by the villainous Widow's employer -- yet, another Kashmir Vennema.

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