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Quote1 In all my years of service, my biggest regret is all the people who see the symbol, but miss the point. Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "American Psycho: Part II"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "American Psycho: Part II"

Cap returns to life, with roughly no explanation given other than his unique biology. Cap and SHIELD agent Morales' search for Falcon leads them to admiral Westbrook who fails to cut a deal with them. Robbie explains that Westbrook has been taken to trial on criminal charges and gives Cap a lead on the Anti-Cap. Cap finds Falcon's full costume in a Cemetery near where Anti-Cap is holding a doctor hostage. Anti-Cap tells Cap that Falcon is dead while they battle each other, which leads to Anti-Cap's suicide. Cap then finds evidence that Falcon was watching his back during the fight and is still out there.


  • This titles co-star, The Falcon is not seen in this issue. He is presumed behind the scenes.
  • Cap finds Sams full costume in the cemetery before confronting anti-cap, later Cap returns to the cemetery and finds just the mask, suggesting that Sam probably took the body suit and left the mask as a sign that he was watching Steve's back.
  • This is the final issue of this series.
  • The partnership of Captain America and the Falcon was reluctantly dissolved last issue. Cap's search for the Falcon this issue is also in vain. Despite the obvious strained dynamic between the two, they partner again in Captain America (Vol. 5) #12 without a word about their differences from this series.
  • The "Anti-Cap" appears to perish this issue without readers ever learning his true identity.


In the beginning when Cap is in Paris running towards the cemetery it is not raining, and then when the story catches back up to that point of time when Cap is fighting Anti-Cap it is not raining. According to the time stamp they fight for roughly 10 mins then the time stamp and location are the same as in the beginning however it is raining this time. Then the issue goes back in time roughly 2 hours and Cap is in the Cemetery and it is raining.

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