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Quote1 You tryin' to flex, Norman? Represent for your woman? Quote2

Appearing in "Lost in Translation"

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Synopsis for "Lost in Translation"

Wanda Maximoff wakes up after spending the night on Steve Rogers' couch. She kisses Steve, encouraging him to pursue their budding romance even though she knows he prefers order and logic and this threatens to be messy.

Meanwhile, Leila Taylor discovers that Sam Wilson has broken into her boyfriend Norman's apartment. Sam grills her on the connection between the Rivas Cartel and Admiral Jimmy Westbrook of the United States Navy. Leila expresses fails to shed any light on the situation and expresses her disgust after Sam loses his temper and assaults Norman.

While dreaming, Steve has a flashback of the death of his former partner, Bucky. The scene transitions to Steve's own subsequent discovery by the Avengers after being frozen in suspended animation for decades. Suddenly, the Avengers exclaim that he's going into cardiac arrest and the Scarlet Witch volunteers to give him CPR, despite historically not having been present at the scene. Her CPR quickly changes into passionate kissing. Steve awakens from the dream and he and Sam discuss their differing views of whether to turn over Anti-Cap, whom Steve believes could be Bucky, to Admiral Westbrook. Steve also tells a shocked Sam about his burgeoning relationship with Wanda.

At the United Nations General Assembly Building, the Avengers gather moments before Tony Stark delivers a speech. While Tony practices rehearsing, Steve catches a moment with Wanda. He tells her that he's taken her advice to heart and doesn't want them to ignore their feelings for one another. However, Wanda seems confused of his remarks and to have no recollection of the night she spent at his apartment.

At the Rivas Cartel's compound in Montclair, Damocles Rivas wakes up. Every digital interface in his vicinity displays the message DESIGNED FOR KILLING. The scene then cuts to an unspecified location where an AIM agent watches over a cybernetically enhanced, but comatose, MODOK.


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