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Quote1.png Hey! You kids! I can hear yer party from the next block! Wit' yer beat or beat-like combos and yer glow-sticks! An' yer skinny ties! I work nights ovah heah! I gotta goldfish wit' an anxiety problem! Turn it down! Wait, wait, wait--wrong rant. What I meant to say was--break it up, okay? Please? 'Cause, I mean... okay, I came in a little late, but... We're not this. The Avengers are not this. Our job is not to bring walking tanks to do our talking for us. Or thunder gods, or big hair, or--or whatever else. It's not to wade in with overwhelming force to protect our authority when we're in the wrong. And right now you are in the wrong, Tony--Sam. And you know it. So... So back off, guys. Or you can come through me. Because I am an Avenger. And that... That is what we are. But, uh... Obviously I'm hoping you don't come through me... Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Avengers/Avengers War"

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• You’ve dreaded it! You’ve dreamed of it! Now - it’s here! THE AVENGERS/AVENGERS WAR!

• With Captain America and Iron Man bringing the full power of the Avengers against the Gem Theater, can our heroes possibly survive?

• Guest-starring Spider-Man! But which side is the wall-crawler on?


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