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Quote1.png Poor Jason was right -- control the symbols, control the ideas, control the Avengers... control everything. Mighty is as good a flavor as any to start with. I'm pretty sure he was going to use Mace as bait, too -- get you all on board that way. Obviously, we have our own methods. But Jason... Jason was a smart cookie. Too smart. See, Jason opened a door... and we reached in. He still screams, but he's not coming back. We're in charge now. Hostile takeover. CORTEX Incorporated has been eaten from the inside. CORTEX... is a husk, a shell. A mask. Welcome to Beyond Corporation. Quote2.png
Beyond-possessed Jason Quantrell

Appearing in "We Are From Beyond™"

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Synopsis for "We Are From Beyond™"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• Someone killed the man White Tiger hated most in the world - and now she has to bring that someone in!

• Meanwhile - something very, very strange is happening to CORTEX Incorporated...

• ...and Luke Cage is right in the middle of it.

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