Quote1.png They said... they said the Beyond Corporation never existed. They said none of it really happened. We came back changed -- me, Aaron, Elsa, all of us. Harder and stranger. But nobody cared. Oh, everybody humored me... but nobody thought it was real. I spent a year remembering things that couldn't exist. Trying not to kill and killing anyway -- and then they said it didn't happen -- but they never let me forget, either. Oh, no. Change your look, change your life, you can never forget... I bet it was funny. From the outside. I bet everybody had a real good laugh. Well. Auntie Monica's not ☠☠☠☠ laughing. Quote2.png
-- Spectrum

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Synopsis for "Not in Continuity"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• Existential horror from beyond as CORTEX Incorporated drops the mask – and shows its true face!

• For one of the Mighty Avengers, the nightmare is starting all over again...

• Is this story even in continuity? Are YOU even in continuity? LOOK IN THE MIRROR – WHAT IF YOU’RE NOT?

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