A captain with the NYPD in 1940, Captain Benson enlisted the aid of renowned physician Jack Castle in a series of kidnappings after one missing man appeared at Benson's precinct, now a mindless zombie. This led to Castle gaining super-powers that allowed him to defeat the zombies' creator and rescue their latest would-be victim. After relating his story to Benson, Castle explained his intention to use his powers to do good, wearing a mask to cover his face after Benson noted that his face would glow when he was excited or angry. Captain Benson's further associations with Jack Castle, a.k.a. the Fiery Mask, are unknown.

  • In modern times, the Fiery Mask admitted that he'd been granted his powers from a dying accident victim, and he had made up the false origin of the Zombie Master to assuage his guilt. Whether or not Captain Benson was therefore an actual police official that Castle knew of is unclear.
  • Captain Benson may or may not have been the same police official who enlisted Dr. Castle in another series of kidnappings which resulted in a brief plague of "vampire-men".[1] This police captain was never named but knew that Dr. Castle was the Fiery Mask, so he may have been a trusted colleague that Captain Benson shared Castle's secret with, or may have been Benson rendered differently by the artist.

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