Quote1 Yes, Brian. The price was high, but we did win. We know we won. We have time to mourn our dead. Quote2
-- Betsy Braddock

Appearing in "Pictures, Puzzles, and Pawns"

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Synopsis for "Pictures, Puzzles, and Pawns"

Dai Thomas tries to convince his superiors at Scotland Yard that Brian Braddock is Captain Britain, while Brian recounts his history to his sister.

Appearing in "The Mysterious Night Raven"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "The Mysterious Night Raven"

Night Raven infiltrates a meeting of the mob.

Appearing in "Warworld"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Warworld"

At a time of uncertainty in the galaxy, a disparate group begins to gather together...

Appearing in "Abslom Daak-Dalek Killer"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Abslom Daak-Dalek Killer"

Criminal psychopath Abslom Daak is given a choice by the Court: execution, or becoming a Dalek Killer and being dropped into the middle of a war zone.


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