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Quote1.png Orf wiv its 'ead! Orf wiv its 'ead! Quote2.png
-- Red Queen

Appearing in "Law and Disorder"

Featured Characters:

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  • Tweedledope's rat-pulled sleigh

Synopsis for "Law and Disorder"

The Crazy Gang return, and get a new leader-Slaymaster!

Appearing in "Blind Justice"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Blind Justice"

Night Raven handles a seige situation in a story totally without dialogue.

Appearing in "A Cat Out of Hell"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "A Cat Out of Hell"

Introducing Big Cat and Machine Head. Unfortunately, right now they're on opposite sides...

Appearing in "Massacre on Mazam"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Massacre on Mazam"

Daak prepares to make a suicidal attack on the Daleks.


  • The text story Paragon of Painthorpe Street continues.
  • Night Raven is reprinted from Hulk Comic (UK) Vol 1 2
  • Abslom Daak is a reprint from Doctor Who Weekly.

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