Quote1.png Alright, my happy troupe. Hold on to him now. Perhaps we should label him -- just in case. Quote2.png
-- Gatecrasher

Appearing in "Double Game"

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Synopsis for "Double Game"

The Captain faces his evil otherdimensional counterpart, the fascistic Kaptain Briton.

Appearing in "The Battle Joined"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "The Battle Joined"

Abslom Daak arrives on Draconia.

Appearing in "Space Thieves"

Featured Characters

  • Space Thieves

Synopsis for "Space Thieves"

The People Against Ruthless Tyranny Sect are on the run, and Brett I Harding is the man unlucky enough to get mixed up in their escape!


  • Night Raven does not appear in this issue.
  • A new text story, City, begins in this issue.
  • Abslom Daak-Dalek Killer is reprinted from Doctor Who Monthly.

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