Quote1 The name of the game is coercion, old chum. We must give them no choice. Quote2
-- Michael

Appearing in "Things Fall Apart"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Things Fall Apart"

As Captain UK resurfaces again and the mysterious RCX set their sights on Braddock Manor, Mastermind takes control.

Appearing in "Ace of Ravens"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Ace of Ravens"

Night Raven vs the syndicate.

Appearing in "P.A.R.T.S vs P.A.R.T.S"

Featured characters

  • Space Thieves

Synopsis for "P.A.R.T.S vs P.A.R.T.S"

There's dissension in the ranks of the Space Thieves.

Appearing in "Kill Wagon"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Kill Wagon"

Daak attempts to escape Draconia.


  • The text story 'City' concludes in this issue.
  • Night Raven is a reprint from Hulk Comic (UK) Vol 1
  • Abslom Daak is a reprint from Doctor Who Monthly.

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