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Quote1.png So simple to guide them. To align them. Such basic intellect. Their desire for treachery is innate. Quote2.png
-- Jeeves

Appearing in "Winds of Change"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Winds of Change"

Captain Britain and Meggan take on the Cherubim.

Appearing in "The Pay-Off"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "The Pay-Off"

Night Raven vs the Assassin.

Appearing in "P.A.R.T.S V Everybody"

Featured Characters

  • Space Thieves

Synopsis for "P.A.R.T.S V Everybody"

The Thieves have a run-in with Lucinda's father, a local crime boss.

Appearing in "Instant Harma"

Featured Characters

Synopsis for "Instant Harma"

Daak recruits the Ice Warrior named Harma to his new crew.


  • Night raven is reprinted from Hulk Comic (UK) Vol 1, and Abslom Daak from Doctor Who Monthly.
  • The text story Thicker Than Water appears in this issue.

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