Captain Cookie is a member of the Candy Men race that live in the possibly imaginary world of Nowhere that was frequently visited by young Jimmy Jupiter during the 1940's. After rescuing the Candy Men from the Gloomy Gusses, Captain Cookie offered to take Jimmy on a voyage to other lands in the realm of Nowhere. It was an offer the lad could not resist.

Their voyage took them to the Land of Tea, home of the China People, living creatures fashioned after fine china. There they were not welcomed until Jimmy saved a young girl from the Bull in a China Shop. Welcomed as friends Captain Cookie and Jimmy were invited to a banquet where Jimmy was given a pet Likker Snik, an animal that ate only licorice, whom he named Fido. Returning to sea, Captain Cookie, Jimmy and his crew got lost in a massive storm and were running low on supplies when they came across an uncharted island.

Exploring the island they were attacked by the deadly and savage Licorice Men, who captured Cookie and his crew to eat them. Jimmy would save Captain Cookie and his crew using Fido to consume the Licorice Men. Stocked up, they returned to the land of the Candy Men. Jimmy decided it was time to return home and he thanks Captain Cookie for the adventure before departing.

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