Captain Daring is a soldier that was active in the year 2050 AD on Earth-4263. When the United States was invaded by an evil underground empire, Captain Daring would lead his fellow soldiers into battle against them. Daring would deduce that these attackers would use their weakness against light to defeat them. Thanks to Daring's bravery, the Undergrounders would be defeated and their leader, the so-called "Fuhrer" would be disposed. Daring's female friend Susan Parker took over as the queen of the Undergrounders and established a free society, which was modeled after America's freedoms and rights of the people, despite being governed by a monarch[1].

After peace was re-established. Daring would have his men debriefed in Washington D.C. Suddenly they would be attacked by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Herman Goring, and Von Schalz. Confronting Captain Daring directly, Hitler would explain how in 1942 they put themselves in suspended animation after the war went against their favor. Knocked out from behind, Captain Daring would be knocked out from behind and then hypnotized by Von Schalz into obedience. With Daring under his control, Hitler would have him mobilize the military of the United States in a bid to take over the universe.

Captain Daring's fate following this is unrevealed.




Captain Daring is a skilled soldier who has military training that is common with the American military in the year 2050 AD. He's a trained fighter and rocket pilot.


Captain Daring has flown military grade rockets that are common in his time.


Captain Daring is armed with weapons that are military issue in his era, which consist of ray gun technology.

  • There was another character called Captain Daring published at around the same time but the two appear to be completely unrelated.

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