Captain Kessler was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. He was a brilliant inventor who came up with designs for massive robots that could be piloted by soldiers. It was not until March of 1943 that one of his superiors took his plans seriously. This man would be Admiral von Roeder who was then the most recent of many Nazis charged with eliminating the Sub-Mariner by orders directly from Adolf Hitler.

Kessler built an army of his robots to invade Atlantis in order to draw out the Sub-Mariner. Namor led his fellow Atlanteans on a counter attack. During the course of the battle, Namor was believed to be dead, and Kessler and von Roeder, believing their operation to be a success then left. Namor survived and followed after them, pushing their robot down an underwater trench. The oceans pressures then caused their robot to rupture, killing both men. Namor sent the severed head of their robot to the shores of Germany as a warning against other Nazis to never attack his home again.[1]


Brilliant scientist


Kessler invented an army of massive robots that that were each piloted by two passengers.

Kessler's Nazi Robots from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 41 0001

Kessler's Nazi robots

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