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Captain Klutz was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. By December 1943 he was successfully posing as Captain Landis of the United States military and using this position to learn secrets of the Allied Forces defending the Russian front. With the assistant of his fellow spies Stephanie and Weasel-Face they relayed information to their commanding officer General von Brock, who managed to heavily fortify himself in Russia.

Unfortunately for Klutz and his subordinates, the Human Torch and Toro were called in to assist the allies. Spotting Stephanie and "Landis" acting suspicious they learned their true identities and were captured by Klutz and his men who were wearing asbestos lined suits. Klutz had the Torch and Toro placed under a press that would apply more pressure on them with each passing minute. However, he made the mistake of leaving before their ultimate doom to go assist in foiling the Allied attack on Von Brock's stronghold, allowing the two heroes to escape.

The Torch and Toro helped foil Klutz's plot and sent Klutz and Weasel-Face's plane crashing into one of the man Goering Works weapons manufacturing plants built by the Nazis, killing him in a massive explosion.[1]

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