Captain Krashyu was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. He was part of an army of Japanese troops that dug a tunnel from Singapore to Australia that was completed in the spring of 1944. Leading an scouting missing to check out the completed tunnel, they ran into the Sub-Mariner who was drawn to the area from the undersea earthquakes caused by tunnel blasting.

Outnumbered by the Sub-Mariner and the arrival of Australian troops, they retreated back to the secret entrance of the tunnel. When the Sub-Mariner pursued them, Krashyu and his men ambushed the hero and took him prisoner. They then tossed him into a chamber that has an open vein of lava, hoping the heat would dehydrate Namor and kill him. However, the steam revitalized the Sub-Mariner, and he broke free.

By this time, Krashyu was leading his commanding officer and an army of Japanese invaders through the tunnel. The Sub-Mariner used explosives to blast a hole in the tunnel causing it to flood with water, drowning Krashyu and his fellow soldiers, ending the invasion threat.[1]

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