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Quote1.png You create new victims every day, Carol. You get in the way of them helping themselves... they can never become strong, they can never reach their full potential with you "saving" them at every turn. With me to show them the path, there will be no more victims, just survivors. And that path does not include you, "Captain Marvel." You -- are -- not -- the answer! And you no longer belong in this world. Quote2.png
-- Star

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Synopsis for "Falling Star: Conclusion"

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The world has turned its back on her. Her powers are fading. And Carol Danvers has never felt more lost. But when a world that shunned her needs Captain Marvel, she will answer the call, because that’s what heroes do. Carol is in the fight of her life -- one that by it’s very nature must destroy her. What will be left when it’s all over?

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