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Quote1 You are like a child. We are all of us so much more than just our DNA, Captain. We are our experiences... our memory... our knowledge. Our very souls. And so we have made our creation machines to be more as well. They harvest the very heart of what makes us spectacular. Quote2
-- Supreme Intelligence

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It’s all come down to Captain Marvel versus Vox Supreme! Since discovering her Kree heritage, Carol Danvers has struggled to reconcile her human and her alien sides. Now she must fight for both — or lose everything. But Earth’s Mightiest Hero has a new plan...will the power of the Avengers be enough to save the world?


  • Despite the statement that Vos Supreme was able to monitor Carol through her suit, he seems never find out that Carol had gotten the clones from Project Gemini.
  • Carol was able to lift Mjolnir due to being infused with the DNA of Thor's clone, which contradicts Mjolnir's established rules that only those worthy could lift the hammer.

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