Part of the "War of the Realms" event
Part of the "Strange Trip" story arc

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Quote1.png Delighted we saved the day, definitely need a break from you two. Don't call me, I'll call you. Quote2.png
-- Black Widow

Appearing in "Strange Trip: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Strange Trip: Part 2"

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Captain Marvel’s got a magical right hook — but what happens when she loses her mighty fists? When a powerful spell from the Enchantress causes Carol and DOCTOR STRANGE to body-swap, everything about their mission is called into question. What was once a covert ops mission with BLACK WIDOW to take down the Enchantress and her “Land of the Dead” is now a comedy of errors — casting spells wasn’t exactly covered in Carol’s military training. But Carol Danvers is more than her powers, and the Enchantress is about to discover that the hard way.

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