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Quote1.png There's a small difference between a realist and a traitor – and you just stepped over that line! You are now an honorary member of the Judas Iscariot Marching Society! Quote2.png
Carol Danvers

Appearing in "Die, Traitor!"

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Synopsis for "Die, Traitor!"

After being thanked by Carol Danvers with another kiss when he saved her life from Cyberex and the Aakon, Mar-Vell returns to his ship where he gets the cold shoulder from Una. Ronan the Accuser calls in and orders Mar-Vell to try and forge an alliance with the Organization, as the Kree empire sees the Organization as potential allies in a future conquest of Earth.

Returning to Earth and adopting his guise of "Lawson", Mar-Vell is driving with Carol when they are attacked by the Organization. Allowing Carol to be knocked out, Mar-Vell changes into Captain Marvel to seek out the Organization, however, he is unaware that they capture Carol. When Mar-Vell approaches Number-One of the Organization with the idea of a truce, he learns that Carol is their prisoner. Mar-Vell decides to free Carol and turns on the Organization.

However, when they use an aging ray on Mar-Vell, in spite of his advanced age, Mar-Vell gets a hold of the weapon, reverses his own advanced aging, and uses the weapon to destroy the Organization, and flees with Carol as their base is destroyed.

When Mar-Vell returns to the Kree ship, Ronan is so enraged by Mar-Vell's betrayal he orders Yon-Rogg to have Mar-Vell executed. When Una travels to Earth to try and prevent them from assassinating Mar-Vell she is stunned. When she revives, she manages to get to Mar-Vell just before the Kree soldiers are about to assassinate Mar-Vell.

This story is continued next issue...


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Mail it to Mar-Vell". Letters are published from: Jeanette Toliver, Glen Quasny, Martin Stern, Achille DiBacco, Tom Crawford, Sheldon Wiebe, and Owen Mahon.

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