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Quote1.png Una If this is a mortal wound, I will not rest until you are avenged to the last! Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Rebirth!"

Continued from last issue... Mar-Vell is about to be executed, and as Una attempts to stop the execution, the Kree soldiers charged with assassinating Mar-Vell are killed by an Aakon attack party. As a battle erupts between the Kree and the Aakon, Una is fatally injured, prompting Mar-Vell to flee with Una's body.

Seeking to try and save her life, Mar-Vell steals one of the rockets from the Cape in the hopes of getting Una to the Kree galaxy to save her life with their advanced technology. However, the trip is too long and Una dies before Mar-Vell can get her medical help. Burying Una on an asteroid, Mar-Vell goes back to Earth to try and get revenge against Yon-Rogg.

However, Yon-Rogg intercepts Mar-Vell's ship, and uses his ship's tractor beam to throw Mar-Vell out into the deepest reaches of space. After months in space, the delirious Mar-Vell lands on planet which is apparently the home of the god Zo. Zo grants Mar-Vell with new powers: Super-strength, illusion casting powers, and the ability to teleport. Zo instills these powers in Mar-Vell and frees him of the communication band which Yon-Rogg used to control Mar-Vell. Zo allows Mar-Vell to go and get revenge on Yon-Rogg with these powers in return to do Zo's bidding at a later date, a deal which Mar-Vell agrees too.


  • Although the the beings that attacked the Kree soldiers about to execute Mar-Vell are identified as members of the Aakon species, artist Dick Ayers drew the attackers in uniforms similar to that of the Organization. As the Organization was destroyed in the previous issue, this was probably an art mistake which couldn't be corrected due to time constraints.

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