Quote1 ... I have not yet begun to wage total combat against my foe! Quote2
-- Captain Marvel

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Synopsis for "Traitors or Heroes?"

Continued from last issue... Mar-Vell has returned to his apartment to try and establish a new civilian guise, however when the Man-Slayer reactivates under it's own power, Mar-Vell returns to fight off the confused android. However, the robots proves too strong, and decides to escape with his teleportation powers.

Teleporting into space, Mar-Vell sees the Kree ship being restocked by a supply ship, and uses the opportunity that the Kree ships shields are down to board the ship and confront Yon-Rogg. Mar-Vell manages to injure Yon-Rogg but is forced to return to Earth when he realizes that the Man-Slayer is threatening Carol's life.

With a Kree weapon taken from Yon-Rogg's ship, Mar-Vell is able to severely damage the Man-Slayer and save Carol. However after doing so he is surrounded by soldiers seeking to take him in on charges of treason. This story is continued next issue...


  • Cover art: Captain Marvel figure by Romita.
  • This cover is a example of a rare wordless cover of the Silver Age of Marvel Comics.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Alton Christensen, Steven Smith, Randy Dean, Brian Hoard, Bruce Burke, and Jimmy Aldridge.

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