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Quote1.png I have saved your life... and spared the base! What more do I need to prove I am not a traitor? Quote2.png
Captain Marvel

Appearing in "When a Galaxy Beckons..."

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Synopsis for "When a Galaxy Beckons..."

Continued from last issue... Held at gunpoint at the Cape for treason charges, Mar-Vel tries to figure out what to do while Carol tries to appear for Mar-Vell's release. While at the same time the Puppet Master -- from his island hideout -- uses one of his special puppets to take control of Iron Man, part of a plan to aid Egghead against the Avengers (See Avengers Vol 1 64). Iron Man, in his civilian guise, as Tony Stark is on his way to business in Miami, is controlled by the Puppet Master to change into Iron Man and leaves the plane to attack Mar-Vell.

The Puppet Master manages to have Iron Man attack Mar-Vell, however, the battle ends when unexpectedly when Stark's heart condition causes Stark to have a heart attack. A furious Puppet Master, not knowing why Iron Man no longer responds to his command, throws his puppet at the controls causing an explosion that buries the Puppet Master under his machinery.

Mar-Vell once more at gun-point flees into space with his teleportation powers. There, he is contacted by Zo who tells him that his time is up in getting revenge against Yon-Rogg and that he must do Zo's bidding immediately.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Cover art: modifications by Romita.

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