Quote1 Rad-Nam... city of my birth! The mere sight of it tugs at my heart... floods my mind with a million memories of the past! I have been away too long! If only I have not finally returned... merely to lay it to rubble! Quote2
-- Captain Marvel

Appearing in "That Zo Might Live... a Galaxy Must Die!"

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Synopsis for "That Zo Might Live... a Galaxy Must Die!"

Captain Marvel Vol 1 15 001
Continued from last issue... Zo has come forth to Mar-Vell and seen him the balance of the universe and what would happen if Zo's will is not done. He explains to Mar-Vell that the followers of the Kree god Tam-Bor, who have built a idol to their god, uses a magnetic force that threatens to destroy the whole universe.

Transporting Mar-Vell to the city of his birth, Mar-Vell steals a ship to fly to the location where the worshipers of Tam-Bor reside. Allowing himself to get captured, in hopes the followers will take them to their headquarters.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

Mission — Destroy the Kree Galaxy! This is the awesome command of the almighty ZO to the man called Mar-Vell — and that's just the beginning! A must!


  • "Script and breakdowns" by Friedrich.

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