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Quote1.png Now go warrior! You were born for glory and glory shall you have... Yet, I sense that it shall not be unmingled with the bitter taste of tragedy! Quote2.png
Supreme Intelligence

Appearing in "Behind the Mask of Zo!"

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Synopsis for "Behind the Mask of Zo!"

Taken prisoner by the followers of Tam-Bor, Mar-Vell burst free and attempts to destroy the magnetic device which threatens the universe. When Ronan the Accuser tries to stop Mar-Vell, however, Ronan fails and Mar-Vell succeeds in destroying the magnetic device inside Tam-Bor. Before Ronan can kill Mar-Vell in combat, the Supreme Sentry arrives and banishes Ronan. While on Earth, Carol Danvers awakens in a hospital and flees FBI agents come to question her about Walter Lawson The Supreme Sentry then transports Mar-Vell to the planet Hala and brings him before the Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Intelligence tells Mar-Vell that he was being manipulated and that Zo was really Zarek who was working with Ronan the Accuser to try to use Mar-Vell as a tool to overthrow the Kree empire and take over for themselves.

When Zarek tries to destroy the Supreme Intelligence with a Negatron Sphere, Mar-Vell shields the blast with his body--and miraculously survives. (The Supreme Intelligence explains that its devices have neutralized the Negatron Sphere.) In payment for his willingness to sacrifice himself for the Supreme Intelligence, the Intelligence honors Mar-Vell with a special uniform and new powers and allows him to return to Earth to get revenge against Yon-Rogg. However, flying on his way to Earth, Mar-Vell suddenly finds himself pulled into the Negative Zone.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

A new life - and a colorful new costume - for Mar-Vell, as our space-born superhero takes on the entire Kree Galaxy! Plus, at long last - the sinister secret of Zo! A turning point!


  • Although not identified, upon his transformation by the Supreme Intelligence, Mar-Vell appears to have Nega-Bands as part of his new his uniform.
  • Although there are other versions of the Kree Sentries, this is the only appearance of the "Supreme" Sentry.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Lee A Vercoe, Afton Christensen, Craig Battmer, Terry Levin, and Mary Elizabeth Doran.

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