Quote1 Now go warrior! You were born for glory and glory shall you have... Yet, I sense that it shall not be unmingled with the bitter taste of tragedy! Quote2
-- Supreme Intelligence

Appearing in "Behind the Mask of Zo!"

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Synopsis for "Behind the Mask of Zo!"

Taken prisoner by the followers of Tam-Bor, Mar-Vell burst free and attempts to destroy the magnetic device which threatens the universe. When Ronan the Accuser tries to stop Mar-Vell, however Ronan fails and Mar-Vell succeeds in destroying the magnetic device inside Tam-Bor. Before Ronan can kill Mar-Vell in combat, the Supreme Sentry arrives and banishes Ronan. While on Earth, Carol Danvers awakens in a hospital and flees FBI agents come to question her about Walter Lawson The Supreme Sentry then transports Mar-Vell to the planet Hala and brings him before the Supreme Intelligence. The Surpeme Intelligence tells Mar-Vell that he was being manipulated, and that Zo was really Zarek who was working with the Ronan the Accuser to try use Mar-Vell as a tool to overthrow the Kree empire and take over for themselves.

When Zarek tries to kill the Supreme Intelligence with a Negatron Sphere, Mar-Vell shields the blast with his body and miraculously survives.

In payment for his willingness to sacrifice himself for the Supreme Intelligence, the Intelligence endows Mar-Vell with a new costume and new powers and allows him to return to Earth to get revenge against Yon-Rogg. However, flying on his way to Earth, Mar-Vell suddenly finds himself pulled into the Negative Zone.

This story is continued next issue....

Solicit Synopsis

A new life — and a colorful new costume — for Mar-Vell, as our space-born superhero takes on the entire Kree Galaxy! Plus, at long last — the sinister secret of Zo! A turning point!


  • Although not identified, upon his transformation by the Supreme Intelligence, Mar-Vell appears to have Nega-Bands as part of his new his uniform.
  • Although there are other versions of the Kree Sentries. This is the only appearance of the "Supreme" Sentry.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Lee A Vercoe, Afton Christensen, Craig Battmer, Terry Levin, and Mary Elizabeth Doran.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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