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Quote1.png Something's happening to me -- like I was changing -- like I wasn't Rick Jones anymore -- but --Captain Marvel!! Quote2.png
Rick Jones

Appearing in "And a Child Shall Lead You!"

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Synopsis for "And a Child Shall Lead You!"

Continued from last issue... Trapped in the Negative Zone, Mar-Vell is told by the Supreme Intelligence that he is trapped in this realm due to his blind quest for revenge against Yon-Rogg. However, the Intelligence offers Mar-Vell a potential way to free himself, and it directs his mind towards Earth and to the plight of young Rick Jones, whose partner, Captain America, had just rejected him. (Unknown to Jones but known to the Supreme Intelligence, who reveals this fact to Mar-Vell, Cap's greatest enemy, the Red Skull, had forcefully switched his and Cap's bodies.) He follows Rick as Jones returns to Avengers Mansion one last time, in an angry huff, to collect his things and start hitting the road again.

When Jones gets close to an ancient, abandoned Kree base which contains the Nega-Bands, Mar-Vell conjures up an image of Captain America to lure Jones to the bands. There Mar-Vell contacts Jones and explains his plight and that the Bands would allow them to exchange places temporarily. Given the opportunity to become a super-hero, Jones accepts and puts on the Nega-Bands. Striking them together above his head causes him and Mar-Vell to exchange places.

Yon-Rogg suddenly appears, having found the secret station as well--and hoping to get the Nega-Bands for his own ends. This leads to a brief battle against Yon-Rogg, in which Yon-Rogg manages to escape. Chasing after him, Mar-Vell is promoted to save what appears to be Carol Danvers. But it turns out to be a bomb, and Mar-Vell tosses it away before it can blow him up. With Yon-Rogg escaping, Mar-Vell and Rick agree to work together in the future to get revenge on Yon-Rogg. They exchange places again, and Jones resumes his wandering, saying that he will find Yon-Rogg for "Marv," as he will eventually nickname Mar-Vell, "even if it takes me the rest of my life!" Mar-Vell's telepathic response is, "And it just might, Rick just might...
"...unless HE finds you FIRST!!!"

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring Captain America! The most shocking saga of all!


  • The Red Skull appears in this issue under the guise/appearance of Captain America. Events from this issue draw directly from the storyline in Captain America Vol 1 114 - Captain America Vol 1 116.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Dave Wixon, Sheldon Wiebe, Walt Stringer, Normand LaBelle, Gary DeJames, and Peter Sanderson.

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