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Synopsis for "Vengeance Is Mine!"

As Yon-Rogg once more plots against Mar-Vell, Mar-Vell takes Rick Jones to the nearest city, and allows Rick to switch places. Entering into a bar, Rick finds the desire to play music for the audience and manages to convince the music act to let him have a go on stage. The crowd reaction is mixed, and Rick is forced to knock out a heckler in the crowd. However Rick grabs the attention of music promoter Mordacai P. Boggs who offers to set Rick up with gigs and promote him, an offer which Rick declines. Afterwards, Mar-Vell deduces the location of Yon-Rogg and Rick switches places so they can go into action as Captain Marvel.

Yon-Rogg has taken Carol to another abandoned Kree outpost on Earth, where there is a Psyche-Magnatron, a device that has long since been banned by the Kree empire. Yon-Rogg uses the device to create a Mandroid robot. When Mar-Vell arrives to save Carol, he has to face both the Mandroid and Yon-Rogg. During the battle Carol is injured and the Psyche-Magnatron damaged. Mar-Vell destroys the Mandroid and manages to escape as the Psyche-Magnatron explodes, killing Yon-Rogg in the process, but Mar-Vell manages to get far enough away that he is only mildly stunned by the blast. With the battle over, Mar-Vell changes places with Rick, who is just as physically exhausted as Mar-Vell and collapses on the ground.

Solicit Synopsis

At last! Our new Mar-Vell gains his vengeance on Yon-Rogg!


  • Carol Danvers' exposure to the exploding Psyche-Magnatron would be the source of the powers that would cause her to become the super-heroine Ms. Marvel.
  • Gil Kane provided the art for page 1-11. John Buscema is credited for pages 12-20. John Romita was uncredited for page 2, panel one, and the last two panels of page 20. Readers were asked to identify each artist's work and Alan Kupperberg did so in a later letters page.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Jim Wilson, Dennis Cashen, and Carrie Mather & Barbara Etter.
  • The "Mandroid" from this issue is not to be confused with the Mandroid Armor that has been depicted in numerous other Marvel tales.


  • Although Captain Marvel had gone to great lengths to save Carol Danvers, a disoriented Rick Jones appears to leave her unconscious body in a remote area next issue. She will not appear again in this title until Captain Marvel Vol 1 34.

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