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Quote1.png So... after all these millenia the infernal Kree have sent another emissary to the world called Earth! But why? Surely that puny globe is too insignificant to deserve their scrutiny... just as it is beneath the notice of us... the mighty Skrulls! Quote2.png
Dorrek VII

Appearing in "From the Void of Space Comes... the Super Skrull!"

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Synopsis for "From the Void of Space Comes... the Super Skrull!"

Skrull emperor Dorrek VII has become aware of recent activity on Earth involving the Skrull's age old enemies the Kree, most notably the recent activation of the Kree Sentry. Seeking to find out the truth of the Kree's involvement on Earth, Dorrek calls the Super-Skrull back to the Skrull home world from his exile after his last defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four. The Super-Skrull is ordered to find out what their enemies are up to, and kill Mar-Vell. The reward for success would be anything the Super-Skrull desired. Wanting to be married to the emperors daughter Anelle, the Super-Skrull accepts the mission and returns to Earth.

There, Mar-Vell has just returned from his battle against the Sentry to find that his carrying bag has been stolen from his room. Suspecting the owner of the hotel, and fearing that tampering may have activated the self-destruct mechanism on it, Mar-Vell rushes out to find the hotel owner. The owner himself is on his way to the Cape with to turn over to the military there.

When Mar-Vell tracks him down, he finds that the hotel owner is being attacked by the Super-Skrull. Captain Marvel then battles the Super-Skrull, however the Skrull's many powers prove to be too much for Mar-Vell who is easily knocked out and taken prisoner. Aboard the Kree ship orbiting Earth, Yon-Rogg decides to do nothing, hoping the Super-Skrull eliminates his opposition for Una's affections. The Super-Skrull then leaves the scene with Mar-Vell as his prisoner, leaving behind the carrying case, with it's self destruct function ticking away.

This story is continued next issue...


  • It is in this story that we first learn that the Kree and the Skrulls are intergalactic enemies and have been for centuries.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from John Hardy, James M. Rohal, Les George, Bill Hubert, Peter Smith, Lane Bailey, Richard Hawkins and Robert Diaz.

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