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Quote1.png But the real truth is -- I don't know who I am anymore. A folk-rock comer named Rick Jones -- or a guy from another galaxy called Mar-Vell! Quote2.png
Rick Jones

Appearing in "The Hunter and the Holocaust"

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Synopsis for "The Hunter and the Holocaust"

After playing a number of gigs in New York, Rick Jones is once more met by Mordecai P. Boggs. He offers the opportunity to be Rick's promoter, which Rick once more declines. Later in his apartment, Rick (with the help of Mar-Vell) manages to stop some muggers trying to rob someone in their building.

During the fight Rick comes up with a possible solution to separate themselves and free Mar-Vell from the Negative Zone: his old friend Bruce Banner. The two decide to try and track down Banner, first by searching his old hidden labs in the Nevada desert.

ALong the way they pass through a disaster zone, where Mar-Vell is compelled to stop and help people out, save a little girl, and stop a group of looters known as the Rat Pack from capitalizing on the disaster zone. With the three hour time limit in which Mar-Vell can spend in the positive matter universe over, he weakens and changes back to Rick Jones. Jones crashes into a lake near a hidden base where Bruce Banner is hiding out.

His monitors alerting him of Rick's presence, Banner's initial fear that Rick might be working for forces that are against him. Banner transforms into the Hulk who bounds over to Rick, intend on hurting the boy.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

Back at last! The sensational superhero who wouldn't die! But that was before he met — the Rat Pack!


  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Steven Mauren, Roger Vanous, Tim Allen, Tom Barrett, and Alan Kupperberg.

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