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Captain Marvel

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Synopsis for "Here Comes the Hulk!"

Continued from last issue...

The Hulk, believing that Rick Jones is part of a plan to attack him, arrives to find the boy passed out. However, Hulk finds himself conflicted as he remembers that he and Rick are friends and this calms him down enough for him to change back into Bruce Banner.

When Rick revives, he tells Bruce of his bond to Mar-Vell and their plight with Mar-Vell being stuck in the Negative Zone. Banner agrees to help although he tells the boy that the Negative Zone is not his area of expertise since the relative expert -- Reed Richards -- has not divulged much information about the Zone.

When Banner decides to call upon an old colleague who works at Desert State University, Banner's conversation is interrupted when misguided protesters start throwing rocks which injure Banner's friend. Enraged at the protest, Banner turns into the Hulk who is bent on smashing the student protest.

Not wishing anyone to get hurt, Rick switches places with Mar-Vell who chases after the Hulk. After battling the Hulk and protecting the protesters, it takes Mar-Vell switching back with Rick, and Rick talking the Hulk into leaving, that ultimately saves the protesters from the Hulk's wrath.

Solicit Synopsis

It had to happen! Mar-Vell takes on the incredible Hulk at last - in the middle of a riot-torn campus!


  • After this issue, the Captain Marvel series goes on a brief hiatus, ending with the writers asking the readers to write in and tell Marvel what they think. Mar-Vell will next appear in Sub-Mariner Vol 1 30.
  • The Hulk appears next in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 130. In that issue, the location of Desert State University is given in Navapo, New Mexico.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story# 267Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Lane Bailey, Bob Krotts, John Wiegand, Glenn Barnemann, and Martin L. Greim.

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