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Quote1.png I might as well have never left the Avengers. Quote2.png
Rick Jones

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Synopsis for "To Live Again!"

Leaving Avengers Mansion, Captain Marvel appears before Rick Jones, who believed the hero to be dead. After remembering their recent adventures and the Kree-Skrull War, Marvel reveals that the Supreme Intelligence had kept saved him and placed him back insides Rick's body. Rick and Marvel argue before Rick runs into Mordecai Boggs and his new singer, Lou-Ann Savannah. Rick leaves with Lou-Ann but they are soon attacked by some muggers that they are both able to fight off.

Elsewhere, Raymond Osworth visits his brother-in-law, Jules Carter, to find that he is heavily disfigured. Jules attacks Raymond but he manages to getaway.

A week later, Rick is with Lou-Ann when he doubles over with pain. Marvel reveals that their combined life force is killing Rick. Lou-Ann takes Rick to her uncle, Benjamin Savannah, who doses Rick with positively charged photons. These photons cause Rick to change into Captain Marvel, who immediately flies away from the confused Lou-Ann and Benjamin.

Jules, now calling himself Megaton, has descended into madness and caused the apartment building he is living in to collapse. As he lies unconscious in the rubble, he dreams about how he went on an expedition in the Arctic, where he and his crew were caught in an explosion. This explosion caused gave Megaton his powers and disfigured look. Waking up Megaton storms off, and runs into Captain Marvel.

Solicit Synopsis

The hero who just wouldn't die! But, that was before he met - Megaton, the Nuclear Murderer!


  • This is the first issue of Captain Marvel since August 1970. A great deal of re-capping and summary is given this issue.
  • Rick Jones was last seen in Avengers Vol 1 103. This issue continues from that storyline.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail it to Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Ronn Sutton, Carl Gafford, and John Ostapkovich.

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