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Appearing in "Death at the End of the World!"

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Synopsis for "Death at the End of the World!"

Captain Marvel and Megaton begin to fight as Megaton's radioactivity levels steadily increase. Marvel drops Megaton on a power station, which then explodes, weakening the pair. Megaton blacks out and Marvel's photon levels drop, causing him to turn back into Rick Jones. Rick makes it to the club where Lou-Ann Savannah is performing, just before he passes out. Lou-Ann brings Rick back to her uncle Benjamin Savannah for another photon treatment.

Megaton is arrested and put in jail, where he recovers and attacks his cellmate. Megaton thinks back to how he got his powers, from a machine in a Kree outpost in the Artic that subjected him to his worst fears. The other expedition members had saved him but then the base blew up, killing everyone but Megaton. Back in the present, Megaton drains his cellmate of his life force, killing the prisoner, before breaking out of prison.

Rick's body is rejecting the photon treatment and he's in a lot of pain when Megaton arrives, sensing the energy. Marvel warns Rick that Megaton is building up a lot of energy that will cause him to explode soon. Rick tells Megaton that he will soon explode so Megaton takes Rick to the Kree base in the Artic which gave Megaton his powers. As soon as they arrive, Rick finds a pair of nega bands and puts them on, allowing him to change into Captain Marvel. Marvel and Megaton fight again but, with seconds to spare, Marvel flies up with Megaton and throws the villain out into space, where he explodes safely.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Vol 1 1057Z.
  • This issue does not contain a letter page. In its absence is a full-page advertisement for Claws of the Cat Vol 1 1.

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