Quote1 Ya see, ya killed a man -- a good man! I got mad -- and when Rick Jones is mad -- so's -- Captain Marvel! Quote2
-- Rick Jones

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Synopsis for "A Taste of Madness!"

In an elaborate scheme of the Skrulls and their mysterious Masterlord, Super-Skrull and Kl'rt, Rick Jones is framed for the murder of Dr. Benjamin Savannah and brought to a run-down police precinct. Using Super-Skrulls invisibility as well as other Skrull technology, Mar-Vell and Rick are led to believe that many of his long-time friends and foes have returned and are attacking him. Rick and Mar-Vell identify the ruse, and Mar-Vell attacks the Skrulls. The building collapses in the battle and the Skrulls escape. To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

Take it from us — The start of a world-shattering new storyline, destined to make C.M. one of the most-talked-about titles in comic-book history!


  • This is the first issue of Captain Marvel by artist Jim Starlin. Starlin will draw and also plot a great deal of this classic story arc now known as The Thanos War (Captain Marvel #25 through 33).
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are pubished from Larry Ross, Brian Earl Brown, and Rick Lawler.

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