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Quote1 Why that crummy rat! He's gotta be settin' me up -- fer a trap! 'n' if he thinks I'm gonna fall for it -- he's freakin' right! Quote2

Appearing in "Betrayal!"

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Synopsis for "Betrayal!"

Captain Marvel bursts into Lou-Ann Savannah’s room to figure out why she went along with the Super-Skrull’s frame job last issue. She tells him about Thanos, who rules Titan and commands an army of pirate aliens, and who has recruited the Controller in order to enslave many prominent Earth leaders on his behalf. She reveals that she too has been under his command, and tries to assassinate Marvel, but fails. Captain Marvel changes back into Rick Jones to comfort the emotionally distraught Lou-Ann.

Elsewhere, Thanos and the two Skrulls overhear these events; Skragg forms a plan whereby Super-Skrull picks a fight with the Thing, goading him to an abandoned building, where a super-weapon steals his voice. Rick Jones, following Lou-Ann’s tip, goes to the same building and finds the Thing. Each believes the other to be the Super-Skrull, and Rick Jones changes into Captain Marvel to fight him. After a fierce brawl Captain Marvel electrocutes the Thing and is on the verge of killing him, when he regains his voice and clears up the confusion. Angered that Skragg’s plan failed, Thanos seemingly kills him. The scream from upstairs draws Marvel and Thing who find Skragg transformed to stone, and Thanos gloating that he will soon be ruler of Earth. Thanos blasts the Thing away with a gesture, and forces Mar-Vell to transform back into Rick Jones. Thanos teleports away with everyone except the Thing.


  • Plot by Starlin, script by Friedrich.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story # 1325Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Michael Uslan, Guy Mitchell, and Mark Eveland.


  • Multiple times during this issue, by a variety of different characters, Captain Marvel is referred to by his name. Unfortunately, his name was misspelled every time. Apparently the new letterer, or someone else in the chain of production, believed his name was spelled Marv-Ell instead of Mar-Vell

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