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Quote1.png The Man who calls himself Captain Marvel saved my life earlier tonight -- and I take my heroes very seriously! Quote2.png
Carol Danvers

Appearing in "From the Ashes of Defeat!"

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Synopsis for "From the Ashes of Defeat!"

Continued from last issue... Captain Marvel is now the prisoner of the Super-Skrull, who takes Mar-Vell aboard his ship in order to probe his mind and learn why the Kree are so interested in the planet Earth. In doing so he learns about Mar-Vell's mission and his recent battle against the Kree Sentry, his identity as Walter Lawson, and his carrying case with the self destruct mechanism. Mar-Vell manages to break free and escape the Super-Skrull's ship and return to his own ship.

There when Yon-Rogg refuses to grant Mar-Vell permission to go back to Earth and stop the Super-Skrull and save the Earth from nuclear holocaust, Mar-Vell petitions the Imperial Minister, who allows Mar-Vell to go back to Earth, more to get revenge on the Skrull who defeated him than to save Earth. Mar-Vell arrives just in time to see the Super-Skrull (disguised as Lawson) enter the Cape with the carrying case.

Mar-Vell attacks the Super-Skrull, blowing the Skrull's cover and forcing him to reveal his true identity. However, when the battle is evenly matched, the Super-Skrull tries to use his Skrull-born hypnosis abilities on Mar-Vell. Anticipating this move, Mar-Vell uses a reflective surface to turn this power against the Super-Skrull. Mar-Vell takes back the carrying case and deactivates it's self destruct mechanism, and then orders the Skrull to flee to the furthest reaches of space. With the Super-Skrull defeated, Mar-Vell learns the owner of his hotel is being taken to the hospital for his injuries and will be in a coma for a while.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Mail It To Mar-Vell". Letters are published from: Liz Hough, Jonathan Yost, George Reiss, Joel Bender, Guy Lillian, Perry Boxx, Craig Pearce, and John Rounds, Jr.

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