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Quote1 You've gone too far, Mar-Vell! Bringing in the Avengers could slow my plans! Quote2

Appearing in "The Beginning of the End!"

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  • Thanos-Thralls Spaceships

Synopsis for "The Beginning of the End!"

In response to the threat of Thanos, Captain Marvel returns to Avengers Mansion and asks the entire team to assemble. He has also summoned Moondragon to assist. Drax the Destroyer has also come to the mansion to find Captain Marvel. After Drax briefly skirmishes with a contingent of Avengers, the team meets to review Thanos' plans and recent events.

Thanos, who now wields the Cosmic Cube, speaks to his consort Death of his love for her and that she is the reason for his mad quest. He also decides to transport 4 individuals from Avengers Mansion: The four individuals who have interfered with him the most (or pose a unique threat)are Mar-Vell, Moon Dragon, Drax the Destroyer, and Iron Man. He does transport them his spacecraft and quickly defeats them and puts them into a statis field.

Captain Marvel is able to touch his Nega-Bands causing he and Rick Jones to switch atoms. The reaction also frees him. Iron Man, Moon Dragon, and Drax are also freed; and they attack Thanos again. Thanos is temporarily separated from the Cosmic Cube. However, he is again able to defeat his adversaries. He also defeats Moon Dragon in a psychic battle. Thanos then retrieves the Cosmic Cube and transforms himself into a Cosmic Deity. At the end of the issue, he is seen as a large, transparent, figure on the space monitor. Thanos has achieved godhood! To Be Continued...


  • Cover art: signed with the pseudonym "Gemini", a reference from Al Milgrom for "Jim and I" (Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom); Captain Marvel's face is modified by Romita.
  • After the last issue, Captain Marvel appears in Marvel Team-Up #16 and Marvel Team-Up #17 with Spider-Man, and then in Daredevil #107, where he meets Moondragon and presumably decides to bring her with him to Avengers Mansion in this issue.
  • Swordsman speaks French in this issue, which gives a strong hint of his French background and origin. His French lineage will later be explained later in a Solo Avengers story by Lou Mougin and Don Heck in Avengers Spotlight #22.
  • On page 6, the arrangement of Captain Marvel at the table with the Avengers sitting around him mimics the arrangement of Christ and the Apostles in Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting of the Last Supper.
  • I.S.A.A.C is misspelled as ISSAC in this issue.
  • There is no letters page this issue, but two will appear Captain Marvel #32.

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